EDInet Reports

Reports and analysis solutions supporting Business Decision-Making by means of EDInet Reports.

Reporting solutions enable monitoring of key company activity in sales, logistics, finance, and accounting. They support better understanding of your business. You can follow the trends in customer behaviour, spot anomalies across products, compare annual sales in a region by product line or customer type, see performance in activity. Access to information helps Customers to achieve competitive edge.

Within EDInet Reports services we offer:

  • Creating of tailored reports to your organizational needs
  • Gathering data from external transaction systems, extract data from a variety of sources and present that data in ways that facilitate analysis and decision making
  • Aggregating, storing, analyzing, and reporting on business data in order to support informed business decisions
  • Create and manage reports, dashboards, and key performance indicators
  • Visualisation of rich presentations using gauges, maps, charts and other graphical elements to show multiple results together (graphs and charts and ad hoc reports)
  • On-line availability
  • User-friendly interface makes multidimensional analysis simple for all users, regardless of their business or technical level
  • Multiple export formats (Excel, PDF, HTML, XML, etc.)