EDInet Marketplace

EDInet Marketplace is one of the solutions that provide instant access to the most complete and current products database. This is an online platform where companies can perform their everyday purchasing activities from requisition to final payment. This tool has been developed to automate and streamline the purchasing process. The main goal is to build many-to-many marketplace.

The Modules of EDInet Marketplace platform

Customized portal. Various components adopted to Customer: skins, logo, banners, domain.

Product list (commercial offer). Individual product list assigned to single buyer, powerful advanced searching tools (by GTINs, product IDs, vendor, sold-to-party, ship-to-party, brand, sub-brand, products status, new releases, etc.), grid ordering – Create and review orders for multiple branches in one spreadsheet, easily transmit orders electronically, supplier&customer oriented platform, user friendly products list – full range of products parameters, product brands, statuses, sub-brands, BOM products, photos, other parameters – many SKU levels.

Customized logistic parameters. Customized settings : discounts, special prices, minimum order values, minimum delivery date, discounts per single item, access to credit memos, individual terms of payments, reports section allows you to view reports including reports for standing orders, targeting per brand, single item.

Customer code set up. Customer Code set up allows to match Vendor product ID to Buyer internal product code, individual packaging and other logistic parameters, order import from internal buyer file into basket.

Documents management. Retrieve and print purchase orders and other documents, document tracking, manage delivery notes, orders confirmation, Export to Excel, PDF, XML, online log operations.

Inventory management. Get real-time Insight to stock levels constantly updated.

Electronic Invoicing and archiving. Receiving paperless invoice and storing in audit-proof archive.