EDInet Data Pool

EDInet Data Pool is a centralised database (data warehouse), where all necessary information to perform business transactions between trading partners is stored in a standardised way. It also manages the movement of this information between trading partners. Specially nowadays when the efficiency of today’s supply chain is increasingly dependent on accurate product information, for example, product description, dimensions, packaging levels, product category, company address or minimum order volume, the synchronization of data is of great importance. Global Data Synchronisation (GDS) enables product information from one trading partner, such as a supplier, to be made available to any other chosen trading partner, such as a retailer, using a standardized process. The information is defined using agreed standards which all parties can understand. Business partners can exchange this information through the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) via a data pool, such as EDInet Data Pool.

This allows all trading partners to have consistent item data in their systems at the same time, ensuring that all parties in the supply chain are working with the same data. The GDSN helps to save time and money for all organizations by eliminating steps to correct inaccurate data.

EDInet Data Pool

EDInet Data Pool features:

  1. Implementation of the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) standards and choreography
  2. Support of closed community internal synchronisation without GDSN Registry
  3. Administrative and security features
  4. Local Data Dictionary (LDD) attributes

EDInet Data Pool as Source Data Pool – functionalities

  • Search Items on Home Data Pool (own catalogue)
  • Create Items
  • Change Items
  • Delete Items (not registered)
  • Discontinue/Cancel Items
  • Register Items (RCI)
  • Publish Items (CIP)
  • Publication / Subscription Matching
  • Synchronise – send item notification (CIN), send price notification (CPN)
  • Synchronise – receive item confirmation (CIC), receive price notification (CPC)

EDInet Data Pool as Recipient Data Pool – functionalities

  • Search Items on Home Data Pool (all public, and private to the recipient)
  • Subscribe GTIN, Information Provider, Target Market, and/or Classification (CIS)
  • Request Notification (RFCIN)
  • Synchronise – receive item notification (CIN), receive price notification (CPN)
  • Synchronise – send item confirmation (CIC), send price confirmation (CPC)