EDInet Communicator

EDInet Communicator business platform is comprehensive B2B solution based on EDI technology supporting integration, synchronization, collaboration and electronic document exchange (purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices) between business partners.

EDInet Communicator

EDInet Communicator is available in two versions:

  • EDInet Connector
  • Web EDInet

EDInet Connector (integrated EDI) complies with traditional EDI technologies and offers cost-effective EDI connectivity via the Internet. Platform supports all global EDI and Internet standards, empowering you to conduct business with trading partners, regardless of the EDI system, message format and communication channel they are using.

EDInet Connector main functionalities:

  • Data routing and delivery
  • Data translation (translation maps and templates)
  • Data conversion (“any to any” data type)
  • Communications routing (by headers, filenames, directories, interchange IDs, transaction type)
  • Communication protocol conversion (“any to any” protocol)
  • Workflow (managing processes and the circulation of documents)
  • Automation (managing automated processes and reporting within the EDI application)

The benefits from using EDInet Communicator:

  • reduced labour costs
  • faster document processing
  • reduced error rates associated with manual data entry
  • eliminate duplicate data entry
  • instant document retrieval
  • no reliance on the postal service
  • reduced business transaction costs
  • reduced document storage costs
  • no lost documents
  • compliance with customer and vendor EDI mandates
  • providing timely order processing and reconciliation
  • improve shipping and receiving accuracy
  • improve customer satisfaction with faster response.