EDInet Solutions platform is one of a wide range of our IT services.
Since 2002 we have continuously strived to improve our market share and strengthen our position by developing the integrated IT system for business. We use new technologies, professionalism and our experience to provide innovative applications and offer the highest standards of customer service.

Extensive range of our services is delivered to almost 4000 customers. International corporations, retailers as well as large and small companies are numbered among our customers.

We offer our services in the following areas of expertise: 

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 

We are one of the leading outsourced EDI service providers in Central Europe providing high quality and comprehensive solutions based on international EDI standards. Leading focus is processing business data to deliver automated business processes enabling better decision making.

B2B integration

We offer an extensive range of outsourced B2B helping companies connect worldwide with their business partners, synchronize product and price information, optimize inventory control management and demand forecasts, and speed the overall performance of their global supply chains.

Electronic document archiving

Paperless transactions become essential nowadays. Our platform provides long-term retention of content in such a way that it cannot be altered, and that access to content is fully secured and auditable.


Our solutions support eSignatures (Advanced electronic signature, Qualified electronic signature) used to identify and authenticate data electronically and verification (especially within electronic invoicing).

Mobile solutions

We provide Sales Force Automation services playing instrumental role in boosting the profitability of your organization by increasing revenues and reducing operational costs. Functionally rich, technically mature and user friendly solutions with ability to create tailor made functionalities catering to the needs of companies with a geographically distributed field force.